The perfect balance between operation and creation.
Built by Creators, for Creators.

The COMB Method

Our business method ensures we’re putting Creators first.


Handled by JLVWII

Chief Creative Officer:
Jeron Williams II

  • Responsible for creation and creativity
  • Responsible for the procurement of talent
  • Executes creative vision


Handled by WGMCorp.

Chief Operations Officer:
Dr. Marvin K. Jones

  • Responsible for organizational operation
  • Responsible for cross-organizational compliance
  • Executes organization-wide workload


Handled by WGMCorp.

Chief Management Officer:
To Be Determined

  • Responsible for executive supervision
  • Responsible for the retainment of people
  • Executes goal governance and guidance


Handled by WGMCorp. and JLVWII

Chief Financial Officer:
Johnathan Tilghman

  • Responsible for revenue and allocation
  • Responsible for the management of funds
  • Executes day-to-day spending