Built by Creators, for Creators.

We’re WGMCorp., the Williams Global Media Corporation. From the earliest remnants of the small gaggle of creatives, Team Tater Tot, to the aspirational company, BRDRIP Media, to the small firm, Multiply Media Group, to the full-out consultancy, Williams Ventures, to now the most capable multimedia conglomerate corporation in the world, WGMCorp., we have always had the notion to serve musicians, digital artists, content producers, chefs, Viners, dancers, singers, yoga masters, slime makers, unboxers, beat-boxers, personal bloggers, cup stackers, Rubik’s cube solvers, cocktail makers, potheads, potheads, head boppers, tarot readers, podcasters, tree planters, interior designers, small house architects, skin care enthusiasts, makeup reviewers, Twitch streamers, beekeepers, mad scientists, and people who don’t know what to create.

These are our people.

(And so are these.)

Sebastian Gonzalez

Musician, Resident Joy-Maker

Sebastian, a 19-year-old from San Francisco, braves the Windy City to make his mark on the world as a musical theatre major. With almost one million followers on TikTok, Sebastian is now exploring a solo career in music, planning to release his first EP later this year.

“You’re never gonna know what you can come up with until you start coming up with stuff.”

Sebastian Gonzalez, Meet The Creator

Justin the Flora God

Musician, Content Producer

Justin Boyette of the Sunshine state knows how to grab people’s attention. Launching a musical analysis podcast, So Who’s Up Next?, alongside a musical career (or two!) is smooth and sweet for him. Justin the Flora God has an EP, Good Grief, releasing this summer, and an album, FULL METAL ARSONIST, releasing on Halloween under an alter, mitch.

“I just want to produce good work.”

Justin Boyette

Jeron Williams II

Content Producer, Chief Creative Officer

Jeron Williams II is a creative to the bone. Immersed in the culture of Philadelphia, they’ve been able to make a career out of being themselves and doing what they do best: manifesting greatness. Jeron has a hand in all of the projects at WGMCorp., ensuring that we put Creators first.

“We are who and what we choose to be. And, I choose to be great.”

Jeron Williams II