Controller and Director of the Estate

Sir Jeron Lewis Vincent Williams, I

Praedium Primis Imperator

WGMCorp., Ltd.: 77.19% Executive Share
Williams Ventures Consultancy: 51.24% Executive Share
Placard Media: 41.17% Executive Share
Outone: 64.68% Executive Share
MiniMusicManage: 28.49% Executive Share
Trilo Music: 37.70% Executive Share
12:23 Distribution: 49.77% Executive Share
The Williams Family Network: 98.12% Executive Share
Sound Structures: 59.93% Executive Share
ABJA: No Applicable Data
Williams To World Logistics: No Applicable Data
Wixel: No Applicable Data
WillCo: No Applicable Data
Syphon: No Applicable Data
SparkMU: No Applicable Data
3 Star/Five Point: No Applicable Data
WillCapsule: No Applicable Data

The Williams Family

Sir Jeron Lewis Vincent Williams, II
Praedium Secundo Imperator

Sir Stacey Williams, Jr.
Praedium Adiutoris Imperator

Sir Jalen Adams-Williams
Praedium Adiutoris Imperator

Sir Stacey Williams, Sr.
Praedium Adiutoris Imperator

Sir Ernest Williams
Praedium Adiutoris Imperator

Madam Susan Chew-Williams
Praedium Adiutoris Imperator