The best, global audio and video locating, matching, and monetization tool.

Using multiple aggressive audio-matching services (developed and partnered), Outone can find any specific and broad instance of your music across YouTube. If a song is located and matched, Outone will have the option to claim the audio for monetization or a copyright strike to be taken down at the discretion of the artist.

Outone may find music that is not yours. In every match, there is a manual review done by Outone’s Digital Rights Management team. If the audio is a clear match, Outone will reach out to the artist for their intervention with the given options. If the audio is NOT a clear match, Outone will reach out to the artist for further review and explanation.

Audio can be mistakenly matched if:

  • A similar beat pattern is used (with similar or identical 808s, melodies, or time patterns)
  • The same loop is used (even if the loop has been manipulated in pitch)
  • The same beat is used (even if there are different vocals on the beat)

If the artist chooses to monetize after a clear match is made, quarterly revenue statements will be generated and payouts will be made monthly after a threshold of $50 is reached. Artists typically see a revenue increase of up to 6% with Outone.

Monetization is not available on platforms where music plays live, except for YouTube. For example, if a song appears on Instagram Live, Instagram will remove the live video.

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