Board of Directors

Stephen Ulando, President
Christopher Stein, Vice President
Lou Lewis, Secretary
Terry Johnson, Treasurer
Lisa Brown, Family Interests Member
Calvin Smith, Equitable Interests Member
Davis Johnson, Equitable Interests Member
DeLois Cohen-Johnson, Equitable Interests Member
Kevin White, General Interests Member
Ronald Seefeldt, General Interests Member
Tim Alexander, General Interests Member
Tasha Jones, General Interests Member
Destiny Greene, General Interests Member
Dante Morris, General Interests Member
Maria Hernandez, General Interests Member
Kim Wang, General Interests Member
Sasha Leone, Consultancy Interests Member
Dr. Joseph Long, TealTie Interests Member
Javaughn Turner, Outone Interests Member
Teleese Lockett, Trilo Music Interests Member
Ronald Meyer, Placard Media Interests Member

Rodney Long, Non-Voting Member
Jayden Perry, Non-Voting Member


Jeron Williams I, Chief Executive Officer
Johnathan Tilghman, Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Marvin K. Jones, Chief Operations Officer
Andrew Stenson, Chief Technology Officer
Jeron Williams II, Chief Creative Officer


Stacey Lou-Curtis, Artist and Influencer Intelligence
Emily Michaels, Musical Catalogues
Matt Rowe, Retail and Cosmetics
Kiera Williams, Estate and Fortune
Chris Harris, Essential Services

Products and Services

Francis Scott, Consultancy
Steve L. Jones, MiniMusicManage
Jessi Davis, Outone
Zach King, Trilo Music
Jamal Ali, Placard Media
Diane Freedman, ServiceStride