Williams Music Convention

The newest, fairest, and Blackest music convention to date. Coming in 2022.

Next Generation Evaluation

A panel of ten judges of mixed backgrounds, races, genders, sexualities, etc., will rank artists and their music using the WGM patented Five Category, Ten Point Scale, which scores artists and their songs on lyricism, flow, syncopation, theme, and originality. Any artist who scores a perfect 10.00 will move on to the next day in the convention.

Lewis Hall of Fame

WGM panelists will scour the music industry for the most influential and most underrepresented artists. Five of these artists will be inducted in the new Lewis Hall of Fame. Two of the artists will be legendary musicians or groups of musicians that you already know, dubbed the Timeless Hall of Famers. The final three artists will be unknown names or musicians that aren’t as popular, but have the talent and the dedication as the Timeless Hall of Famers. They’ll be known as the Generation Hall of Famers.


Ada B. Jones Library of Music

Two records will be introduced to the new Ada B. Jones Library of Music during each convention. These records will have sonographic impeccability, unique vocals and instruments, and a quality that’s like butter to the ears. One record will be determined by the WGM panel of judges, and the other on the final day of the WMC. The Ada B. Jones Library of music recreates the classic archive of precious media for the world, and reinvents it by allowing a vote for the archival of a record, which happens on the last day.

The W Awards

Introducing The W Awards. This is the final event of the Williams Music Convention, and the most exciting one, too. We’ll be bringing your favorite categories to The W Awards, like Best New Artist, Best Performance Music Video, Artist, Video, Album, Record, and Song of the Year, exclusives like the Ada B. Jones Lifetime Acknowledgement Award, and for the first time ever for a music award show, the W awards is announcing a subsection of categories for the most popular awards, dependent entirely on voters and their choices. These are Honorary Best New Artist, Honorary Artist of the Year, and Honorary Record of the Year. And, the final submission for the Ada B. Jones Library of Music will be determined by voters. And of course, we’ll have performances, surprises, guests, and so much more.

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